‘Feed Your Inner Champion’

Atlantic’s brief was to create a new visual image that empowers people to reach out to their inner champion, by creating a premium image that sports enthusiasts would identify with, supported by clearly laid out information.


The real challenge was to come up with an image and hierarchy of information that speaks equally to the ‘hard core body builder’, the ‘athlete’ and the ‘gym bunny’.

The brand design had to cater for their varied image aspirations and product information needs.

The design also had to work across a broad variety of formats from slim energy bars to 5.5 kg protein pouches.


We’re very proud of Multipower’s new identity. Our new look will better help us relate to gym-goers who now hold both performance and aesthetics as key motivators. The new packaging and logo will give Multipower far more impact and greater on-shelf recognition which will help to differentiate the brand from its competitors.

The new design coupled with the premium quality of Multipower’s products will make it easier for consumers to identify with the brand. Our strapline of ‘feed your inner champion’ portrays how we assist the consumer on their fitness journey.

Manuela Ufer, Senior Brand Manager, Lifestyle

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