Brand of choice for the next generation

How to develop and grow Sweden’s first ever granola, an iconic brand that has remained largely untouched since its launch in 1974?

The brief was to create a brand new positioning that would transform this ‘guilty pleasure’ into a cool, healthier proposition for the next generation and to design a new brand image to be implemented on the packaging of a new line extension and START!’s new website.


During a two-day inspiration and co-creation workshop, BrandMe’s strategic and creative team worked together with Lantmännen to develop positioning platforms.

Three positionings were taken forward to be articulated as detailed concepts and visualised, prior to being tested by consumers alongside pack concepts.

Made with love in Järna

This winning positioning, supported by the ‘House of Järna’ design concept, now conveys START!’s 100% Swedish provenance, the care of Lantmännen’s co-operative of farmers and the brand’s joyful, natural and individual spirit.


The brand DNA was captured in a visual and written manifesto that formed the brief and inspiration for the pack design of START!’s new line extension, comprising four healthier fruit and nut variants.

START!’s brand manifesto now forms the brief for all future comms., including START!’s new website design for which the new look and feel was created by BrandMe.


An iconic brand with a new growth platform

The packs are as striking as the original, creating a highly individual village that shouts about the brand’s new positioning in-store. The new positioning is about ‘storytelling’ and signals START!’s next product generation and new growth platform.

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